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We pride ourselves in providing not only the best bass fishing guide trips on Lake Okeechobee and South Florida, but also a fun and informative day on the lake. You will learn many We specialize in bass fishing with artificial lures as well as going after Lake Okeechobee trophy bass with wild shiners. Fishing with artificial
3 Oct 2012 Although the freshwater industry thrives on the development of the latest and greatest artificial offerings, wild shiner fishing for big bass is an extremely effective technique that cannot be beat. Live bait fishing for trophy bucketmouths is often disapproved by freshwater purists, but there is no arguing the fact
27 Apr 2016 Prior to taking off you stopped at a local bait shop and loaded up with three dozen wild golden shiners. . Fishing with wild golden shiners on Lake Okeechobee or any of the Florida lakes is the most consistent way to catch trophy sized bass. One of John Pate is the owner of South Florida Bass Guides.
26 May 2014 Hey. Im fairly new to the whole shiner thing and i would like to know hoe to catch them consistently. I have a 5" net. I live on a canal that I know they sw
Learn about Live Bait fishing in Florida. Florida's bait fish, where to catch them, how to catch them, keeping live bait alive, how to hook up your live bait, other uses of live bait. Florida has very strict guidelines on the nets construction and there are many places in Florida where seining is not allowed. We dedicated an entire
Orlando / Kissimmee Bass Guide Trips. A variety of Guide / Charter Packages to choose from. Guide Trip Rates; I specialize in fishing with Artificial Lures for those who want to improve their Bass fishing skills. Or, use Wild Shiners to catch Trophy Largemouth Bass; You can even try your luck at using both artificial lures and
18 Oct 2016 guides often chuckle when they have to urge their clients to quit fishing for bait and start rigging for the big bass they've traveled to Florida to catch. Catching bait is fun, whether you're after golden shiners in Massachusetts or Florida, or goldeyes in Minnesota. Catching your own saves big bucks, as wild
Rig the shiner so the hook comes through the nostril port; Rig him so the hook comes out just in front of the nostril How many times have you hooked a fish on a crankbait, Rattle Trap or some other bulky bait and watched him come up shaking his head and all you could say was Hook Up a Florida Wild Golden Shiner.
I have been fishing Lake Okeechobee and other surrounding Florida waters for over 20 years, chasing big ole bass wherever I can find them. Fishing and Guiding is not a job to me, it's an OBSESSION! I specialize in artificial lure trips but am more than willing to take you on a wild shiner fishing adventure for a Florida Trophy