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These different terms and definitions can lead to inconsistencies in the identification and assessment of domestic violence, and in intervention and research into domestic violence. For the purpose of this training manual, a behavioral rather than a legal definition of domestic violence is used. In this behavioral definition,
INTRODCTION. This manual is only a beginning. It will give you the facts you need to know, tips on how to council, a rundown on the resources available in your community, and more. What it will not give you, what it cannot give you, is the look of pure fear in the eyes of a woman living with abuse, the blue and purple.
the Silence. A Training Manual for Activists, Advocates and Latina Organizers. Author. Sonia Parras Konrad. Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Editor. Bernardo Merino. Attorney. Assistant Editors. Monica Arenas. Family Violence Prevention Fund. Project Director. Leni Marin. Family Violence Prevention Fund.
Acknowledgements. This training manual was developed in the framework of UNODC project. “Strengthening capacity of law enforcement and justice sectors to prevent and respond to domestic violence in Viet Nam” (VNM/T28). The manual is based on the the “Handbook on effective police responses to violence against
The training sessions aim to promote discussion and to raise awareness on domestic violence so that professionals and communities are able to develop appropriate strategies to deal with perpetrators, assist victims and reduce domestic violence in their communities. The manual helps to raise aware- ness in local
Domestic violence booklets and manuals available for ordering from FOCUS Ministries, Inc. For women of domestic violence and for those who want to help them.
Members and volunteers produced this manual in an effort to provide a reference and resource document for agencies planning, developing, implementing and improving domestic violence victim service programs.
29 Apr 2016 The Council of Europe recently published the training of trainers manual "Effective Multi-agency Co-operation for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence". Developed by Rosa Logar and Branislava Marvanova Vargova of the WAVE Network, the manual aims 'to serve as a resource for trainers to
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