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20 Aug 2017 Thief Builds - Guild Wars 2: Your whole purpose here is to follow around a zerg and stay at a long range. You not only kill solo targets but you buff your zerg. Your usual targe
I'm new, not to MMO's but to gw2 and I have tried to find good thief builds for pve, im only level 60 so dungeons and things for now, but can't
This section is shows the optimal build if you don't have acces to the Daredevil or don't want to use it. Link to build · Max DPS Build 23_06. [Deadly Arts], [Critical Strikes] and [Trickery] is the basis of all your speedrun builds. It is highly used in organised group compositions. Full might, fury
2 May 2017 Slot Changes. Weapon. Shortbow should be used for stacking might/stealth and pulling targets, prior to an encounter. Sword / Pistol should be swapped with Dagger / Dagger for trash and cleave situations. An off-hand pistol should be taken when skipping trash for the low cooldown smoke field on.
Belishine said this build was basic • May 2017. hello meta team I have a big thing to report I cant see what changes to specs/ builds you have done it just comes up as a empty space for anything that has to do with the build ples get this fixed so I can make some ajustments to my toons and thanks. Silver Medal - Good.
23 May 2016
21 Apr 2017
22 Sep 2017 S/D Condition · Channeled Vigor · Spider Venom · Signet of Agility · Shadowstep · Basilisk Venom. Sw/D. Superior Sigil of Fallibility I.png Superior Sigil of Compounding. SB. Superior Sigil of Venom II.png Superior Sigil of Energy · Superior Rune of the Traveler · Carrion Amulet · 98. Dark-icon-thief.png.
9 Oct 2016
28 Feb 2017