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list of trade goods

Goods: orange L1, pork L1, olive oil L3, cotton goods L3, watch L3, barley-bree L4. Plants: thymus vulgaris. Resource: (L1, L2, L3) mine, (L1, L2, L3) wood. Genoa. Goods: pear L1, dye L2, cotton goods L3, leather L4, jewelry L4, tulip L6. Plants: graceful Jessamine herb. Resource: (L2, L3, L4) mine, (L1, L2, L3) wood.
Ship. Material Required. Skills Required. Reconstruction Required. Location. Trading Ship. Timber Required. Metal Required. lvl 1. 2 level 1 timber. None. None. Pig Iron 2. None. None. Voyage lvl 1. Structure lvl 1. Athensa€ Beiruta€ Alexandriaa€ Istanbul. lvl 2. 10 level 1 timber. 10 level 2 timber. None. Pig Iron 10.
Trading System. 1. Brief introduction to trading system No matter form the point of world or form the point of 5000 history of China, sea treading plays an important role. So, systemizing the trading in the game is to let the player experience different culture and the fun that sea trading bring to them. 2. How to trade. 2.1 There is
5 Jul 2012 Note: There are no goods starting with these letters: N, Q, U, X, Z. This is the list of all the goods available in Voyage Century. They are sorted in alphabetical order. You will have the name, the weight, the level of purchase that you need for buying them, and the cities where you can buy them.
4) Jewelry / Charms / Belief items / Apparatus /Trade / Trade quests / Pet / Pets & Event Guides / World, City, Sea maps / City NPC & Items list / Treasure Hunting & Maps / Discoveries . VCO Weapons database; non NPC (pre-profession) (the treasure and refined weapons to make dragon Weapons)
20 Mar 2009 With the release of the 5 new professions for VCO, which new profession is suitable for which players has become a hot-button topic. The Royal Military Officer, the Imperial Guardian, the Caribbean Pirate, the Treasure Hunter, and the Armed Businessman all have their own unique features. The new
This is a complete list of all trade goods available in the game. This is a list of general
16 May 2009 The Scar of War (Madeira Trade Instructor)[edit]. This is a level 5 quest. You need to get 5 Ambergris (175 loads)), 5 chests of Marijuana (175 loads) and 5 Rose Oil (150 loads). Towns where Ambergris is available. Nagasaki; Semarang; Tourane. Towns where Marijuana is available. Dakar; Malacca
Trade goods (also called commodities) are items used in trading. Every city and colony has its own supply and demand. Trade goods can only be purchased and sold at trader NPCs. The goods vary in level from level 1 to 12. Goods can only be carried on the player's ship and players can not be teleported whilst carrying
Voyage Century Online is a world exploration game set in the Age of Sail. Spanning the globe of the 15th to the 18th century, you can choose any of several nationalities and professions to play: A British privateer, a Chinese merchant, an Egyptian boat Builder these are all viable career paths in this MMORPG.