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But this is what I can share, so I hope I'm able to help you out. Let me know if I can improve upon anything because anything to be more efficient makes the mortar team that much more deadly. Thanks for watching guys, and give me a like while you're herethis is my first videomuch appreciated. -Arma Shanks.
19 Feb 2014
Also occasionally flying some Trans in ARMA 3. To give you an example, here is Jive from I thought about writing some 'tutorials' on various things already but I think I could do better than that. Who reads these days anyways? lol Eight of their number carried laser-guided bombs. The raid was carried out without a hitch
8 Apr 2014
30 Apr 2014
reasons to ignore the potential of laser-guided bombs to transform air warfare—even after these munitions using manual dive-bombing to deliver unguided bombs against heavily defended targets in North Vietnam .. as alternatives to high-velocity cannons as the tank's primary arma- ment. Spurred by improvements in
26 Jan 2015 Read the ARMA 3 Getting Started Guide in the Wiki. to Missiles in the game. Here is a manual for the Javelin missile just to show how much more in depth targeting an object is compared to Vanilla Arma. .. Because they're laser guided, the pilot has to keep his sights on the target until the missile hits.
FSX | Tutorial 8: Transitioning to Jets [HD] [1080p] 8.8. By Brandon By Lee Walsh. Arma 3 Jets DLC | VTOL Tutorial (bonus mission included) 7.2 . Summary : A Canadian Forces spokesman says Canadian cf-18 fighter jets have flown 324 attack missions and dropped 240 laser-guided bombs on Libyan targets since .
Bohemia Interactive today released Arma 3 Bootcamp – a major new update for Arma 3, which delivers additional single- and multiplayer tutorials, a Virtual Reality training environment, a character- equipment- and weapons-viewer called Virtual Arsenal, refinements to the fatigue and weapon sway game
Shooting Hellfire missiles which follow lased target. They don't go to exact mouse cursor position but towards direction where gunners aiming station is pointing, which also limits firing angle). Each launcher holds 4 missiles, helicopter has 4 pylon stations, so 16 missiles maximum. Each station tells the helicopter how many