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Pineapple Express Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Seth Rogen and James Franco movie. Cross joint. - Yeah. - You ever smoke one of those? - You can smoke this? - Yeah, man. - No. This is the future. This is, like, the apex of the vortex of joint .. You know how many joints we've shared? I know
These two joints should have no roach, in fact it should look like a long tootsie roll. after twisting both ends, cut two small holes in the center of the 2 and 3 joint. then cut two holes into the first joint. In the new movie the Pineapple Express, with Seth Rogen and James Franco, one can see the cross joint in full effect.
12 Dec 2008
Mind if I come by and pick up some shit? INT. SAUL'S APARTMENT - LATER SAUL SILVER is constructing a CROSS-SHAPED JOINT (two joints that intersect one another). Pot and paraphernalia are scattered all over the coffee table. A large "Scarface" movie poster hangs on the wall. There is a knock at the door and Dale
Ever wondered how to roll cross joint? Perhaps you watched Pineapple Express and want to relive that experience. Although the cross joint looks wicked cool and complex, it's easier than you might have imagined. All you need is 3 rolling papers, a paper clip, scissors (optional), and your favorite smoking blend.
15 Apr 2017 Take Another Hit Off Of The Finest Quotes That 'Pineapple Express' Has To Offer Enough that we're going back for another hit so enjoy these additional Pineapple Express quotes, and if we missed any, let us know. . Once the world was introduced to the cross joint, things were never the same.
He just lingers. [referencing Pineapple Express] My friend, this is like if that Blue Oyster shit met that Afghan Kush i had, and they had a baby. [Describing how to smoke a cross joint] What you do is you light all three ends at the same, and the smoke converges, creating a "trifecta" of joint-smoking power. This is it, man.
Saul: Let's roll, man! I'm done with the woods! Let's go! C'mon, man, let's get the fuck outta here!
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