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13 Oct 2017 To obtain the HDI-CSR, candidates must pass one exam, which focuses on leadership (10 percent), policy and strategy (10 percent), people management (10 percent), resources (10 percent), process and procedures (55 percent) and performance results (5 percent). The HDI Learning Center administers
5. What is the best way to handle calls related to non-supported items? A. Advise the customer of other means for getting assistance. B. Let the customer know that you are unable to help him or her. C. Reprimand the customer for using unsupported software. D. Tell the customer to read the service level agreement more
This course is designed to assist you in preparing for the HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR) certification exam. Instructors reinforce core concepts of the certification standard and provide skills-building opportunities. The certification exam is included with your purchase and exam must be taken within 12
This certification verifies that customer service professionals are knowledgeable in the skills and techniques required to provide exceptional cus
20 Jan 2011 I didn't see a section for the Help Desk Institute certifications on this forum, so I posted this here: Just became HDI-Customer Service Representative certified. Without breaking the NDA.This exam had a lot of common sense questions and A+ material related. Moreover, there are questions based on how
The HDI Customer Service Representative (HDI-CSR) certification exam is based on the HDI. Customer Service Representative Certification Standard. The competencies for the HDI-CSR certification were identified and approved by the HDI International Certification Standards. Committee. It is the committee's intent to
This summer, I've been looking at ways to spice up my resume with some certifications, and one of the certifications under consideration is the HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA). I could definitely envision myself having a career in support, at least in some capacity. I've reviewed the exam objectives
The open standards can also be studied independent of any training, and will prepare individuals for the certification exam. All HDI Certification Exams HDI Courses are designed to assist a student preparing for an HDI Certification Exam. HDI Customer Service Representative Certification Standard, $29.00, Add to Cart.
19 Aug 2016 The HDI-CSR aims at support professionals from customer service centers, call centers and support centers. (Course + exam: $795 (members)/$895 (nonmembers), $145 exam only). HDI Desktop Support Technician (HDI-DST): An HDI certification for technical support professionals who provide in-person
5 Jul 2017 The HDI certification examinations are a series of tests offered by HDI (formerly the Help Desk Institute), a company headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The training course culminates in an HDI certification test in the applicable area. A passing score on an HDI